Celebrating Your Unique Recovery After a Stroke

Celebrating Your Unique Recovery After a Stroke

Celebrating Your Unique Recovery After a Stroke

Synapse: Human Performance Centers Customizes Stroke Treatment

Recovery after a stroke begins as your cells start to heal and function again. Once you find yourself in the recovery stage, you are in a position of power. You can somewhat control parts of your recovery, as improvement heavily involves focused, enhanced care and rehabilitation. And, luckily, your brain is capable of rewiring its circuits after a stroke, fostering improved and adapted function. Your brain is the best teammate you will ever have.

Treatment for strokes

Prompt treatment and neurological rehabilitation optimize the level of your recovery after a stroke. Some patients can regain normal body function within days, but no matter the length of time you take for your unique recovery, it is a journey for you. There is no set time limit on your recovery. Professionals will take it step by step, taking into account how you feel as time goes on. Just like there is no one else exactly like you, there is no recovery that is “one size fits all.” At Synapse: Human Performance Centers, professionals get to know you. You have the chance to share what you have gone through since your stroke. As a team, we can compose an exclusive treatment plan built around your goals and lifestyle. No matter the length of recovery, rehabilitation and therapy are required. This can help you achieve a favorable long-term outcome and foster improvement to your current quality of life.

The most critical aspect of neurorehabilitation is direct, focused, repetitive practice involving your particular impaired skills. Neurological rehabilitation helps your brain re-learn everyday skills and re-train healthy brain cells. Research using advanced imaging technology shows that functions previously located in damaged areas can move to other brain regions. Training and practice help drive this re-wiring of brain circuits (called neuroplasticity) and teach new ways for you to function.

Neuroplasticity is your friend! It is what offers the most grace in your recovery. Physical, occupational, and speech therapy can often increase neuroplasticity, encouraging the brain to work and correct specific areas. Specificity, repetition, intensity, age, transference, and interference all play important roles in enhancing the neuroplasticity you experience.

One valuable treatment option that could potentially be suggested for your recovery is mirror box therapy, which uses vision to treat the pain you may sometimes experience. Mirror therapy gives the illusion that a weakened limb is moving while the patient looks at their other limb in a mirror. Doing this helps stimulate different brain regions for movement, sensation, and pain through a network of the brain.

An individually focused post-stroke rehab plan can help you … Yes, YOU! No matter what you have experienced or how long your recovery takes! As the Synapse team will do, go easy on yourself and remember this is a process you are going through in order to truly live your healthiest, best life. Synapse professionals are excited to meet you, celebrate your progress, and stand out as positive highlights in your healing journey. The worst is behind you. Now it’s time to optimize the next chapter in your recovery.

May is recognized as National Stroke Awareness Month. Do you think you or a loved one would benefit from the stroke therapy or treatments provided at Synapse: Human Performance Centers? Don’t hesitate to get started! Reach out today for more information and to get the help and healing you deserve.