Synapse: Human Performance Centers Recognizes May as National Stroke Awareness Month

Synapse: Human Performance Centers Recognizes May as National Stroke Awareness Month

Synapse: Human Performance Centers, located on the Parker University campus, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of those suffering from a stroke and recognizes that everyone’s recovery and situations are unique. While the team focuses on providing the most state-of-the-art care for its patients, it is also giving special recognition to National Stroke Awareness Month throughout May.

Synapse: Human Performance Centers Focuses on Celebrating a Patient’s Unique Recovery After a Stroke

Once stroke patients find themselves in the recovery stage, Synapse: Human Performance Centers can help them recognize that they are in a position of power and that improvement heavily involves focused, enhanced care and rehabilitation. The team strives to create awareness around how prompt treatment and neurological rehabilitation optimize a person’s level of recovery after a stroke. Just like there are no two people who are exactly the same, there is no stroke recovery that is “one size fits all.” At Synapse: Human Performance Centers, professionals get to know a patient and, as a team, compose an exclusive treatment plan built around the patient’s goals.

Synapse: Human Performance Centers’ Dr. Michelle Eisenmann shares, “Stroke patients face a difficult challenge every day in recovery. Neuroplasticity offers patients new hope in the neuro-rehab world. The brain has the ability to adapt. With the right team to help, Synapse can offer individualized treatments and care for your specific needs.”

Synapse: Human Performance Centers’ professionals are excited to meet members of the community who may have suffered from a stroke. The team exists to celebrate patient progress and experience the healing journey with patients. Neuro rehab, including cognitive enhancement, functional movement training, and more, can help with neuroplasticity and enhance recovery. An individually focused post-stroke rehab plan can help, regardless of what a patient has experienced or how long their recovery takes.

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