Peak Athletic Cognition

Are you an athlete who is ready to push your body to the next level? Maybe you are training for a specific sport and want to prehab and rehab to stay sharp? Synapse: Human Performance Centers’ Peak Athletic Cognition program teaches you to perform at your maximum level. We make it easy for you to gain the mental edge needed to improve focus, awareness, decision-making, reaction time, and, ultimately, to win!

We are a team of doctors, coaches, and health professionals dedicated to improving people in sports and life. Our team employs a unique system to detect performance flaws, identify the potential risk of future injury, and improve the way people perform day-to-day. We help athletes, regardless of age, gender, limitation, or natural ability, achieve their next level in speed and agility, balance and coordination, strength and power, as well as technique execution.

We can report identifying functional and performance deficits with a follow-up performance improvement plan and provide supportive therapies including low-level laser, shockwave, and regional cryotherapy. Synapse: Human Performance Centers offers services (individually or in a package) designed to help you move forward:

·      Hand/Eye coordination​: computerized assessments of movement, targeted biomechanical sport-specific performance assessments

·      Rapid judgment under stress​: integrated active exercise, activity, and training specific for improvement needs, re-assessment plans specific to sport and activity readiness, and manual assessment of underperforming body regions

·      Nutritional counseling: individualized nutritional assessments

·      Chiropractic care: chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue releases, and active joint mobilizations

Did you know:

·      67% of participants not using mental techniques before competitions and 88% using them believed in the effectiveness of mental techniques in the regeneration after a sport-associated injury.

·      Pro athletes have even taken on mental fitness tools and tactics in their daily training to help them get ahead of their competition.