“I feel like I am thinking clearer than I have in years”

– Ben H. (Veteran)

“Over the two weeks, I experienced improved memory and recall, smoother thought process, and reduced anxiety and depression”

– Robert E.

“I was told I couldn’t continue rehab because I developed a scissor gait. After two days of being here I no longer have a scissor gate”

– Marsha H.

“I am running for the first time in years without pain”

– Charles O.

“After brain treatment I was able to start my master’s degree”

– Carl W.

“They have changed my life as a veteran with multiple TBI’s. Their unique ways of treating brain injuries is second to none! I would highly recommend Synapse for any cognitive treatments they offer! They are the best, and truly care for their patients!”

– Jacob E. (Veteran)

“After TMS treatment I was able to sleep for a full eight hours, the first time in ten years”

– Michael (Veteran)