Veteran Support Program

Have you or a loved one recently returned from active military duty? Maybe you served our country years ago, but never had the proper resources available upon return to address issues like amputation, limb loss, ghost limbs, or phantom pains? Synapse: Human Performance Centers offer veterans of every age and background personalized recovery options for their unique situations. Just like no one person is the same, our treatment is customizable. You are not just a number to us – you are a real hero who selflessly put their life on the line. Now, it’s our turn to give life back to veterans like you.

Our Veteran Support program is moldable to address your injuries or areas of concern. We know veterans are equipped with a special passion to serve, regardless of the danger. Synapse: Human Performance Centers offers proven services (individually or in a package) to help veterans regain the confidence, strength, and mobility they need to live their lives to the absolute fullest. The state-of-the-art facility offers the latest neuroscience and evidence-based therapies specialized for veterans:

·      TBI: concussion assessment, computerized movement analysis/gait and activity testing, neuro-muscular re-education, neuro-visual training, therapeutic modalities, nutritional counseling

·      Amputation (limb loss, ghost limbs, phantom pains)

·      Metabolic treatments: lab work, nutrient/hormone levels, inflammatory markers, supplements/pharmaceuticals, hormone balancing

·      Musculoskeletal treatments: injury assessment, joint manipulation and mobilization, computerized functional screening, range of motion, motor control therapies, therapeutic modalities, low-level laser therapy, balance and performance training, therapeutic exercise and activity, extracorporeal shock wave therapy


Synapse therapies are based on real patient experiences of veterans!

·      An average of 65% improvement in PHQ-9 score.

·      An average of 46% improvement in functional mobility assessment scores.

Did you know:

·      The quad-state area (TX, NM, OK, LA) is among the highest reported area of veterans with disabilities.

·      There is an estimated population of 1.3 billion people with disabilities (PWD). Their friends and family add another 2.3 billion people who act on their emotional connection to PWD.

·      One in nearly 200 Americans is living with the loss of a limb.

·      Military members who experienced a traumatic brain injury were more than twice as likely to suffer from PTSD later than service members who did not suffer a TBI. PTSD onset was generally 3-4 months after returning from deployment.

·      Although 45% of amputations are due to traumatic injuries, 54% are due to vascular disease from diabetes.

·      70% of veterans experiencing homelessness also experience substance abuse, and 50% live with mental illnesses like PTSD.

With today’s technology and support, there is no reason that the removal of a body part should also take away livelihood or happiness. The mission and treatment plans built for these symptoms are designed to get the sensations and brain-nerve mappings back to a manageable state.